A passion for retail

Friends and successful partners, always seeking challenges

A small team with big ideas

Passion driven meteoric growth

Retail VR was founded in 2018 by three serial entrepreneurs in retail, VR and international development who shared the same observations : e-commerce does not adequately express brand content. And retail no longer offers satisfying customer experiences.


We thought retail is entering a new erea. And that brands and retailers must focus on shopping experience to seize a competitive advantage. To allow this, we needed to give brands owners and retailers new ways to build digital shopping experiences, with unlimited possibilities. As the months went by, we were fortunate to share our drive and love for excellent solutions with a talented team of developers, and a dozen of Fortune 1000 clients.

A trio of renowned experts

Our mission is to stand next to retailers and brand owners

We help them transform their business into digital convergence, via new and effective buying experiences. We ease the conversion of digital assets into 3D assets for virtual and augmented reality applications.

Always curious and listening, we dive deep into our clients’ worlds to give birth to experience no-one thought were possible.


Our curiosity keeps us focused on the latest technologies, to create innovative business applications.

Pragmatists, we are connected to the day-to-day activity of our clients. We listen to the people actually doing the job, and help them build practical and operating business solutions. Our company’s growth relies on a controlled development.

Erwan Krotoff


Stéphane Dupasquier


Adrien Zanelli



Retail VR is proud to be part of prestigious networks

Working with industry leaders and top professionals is an inspiration to our team and a major drive to our development.