Feedback: Nespresso and V-commerce

Lise KELLER - 15/09/2019

Our Youtube channel is now featuring a series of five episodes to present Nespresso’s feedback on v-commerce and on virtual reality’s enhancement of the customer experience.

Retail VR developed the solution across several platforms (Oculus Quest headsets, Microsoft Mixed Reality, HTC) as well as for the Mozilla and Chrome web browsers. Jean-Michel CECCONI, Open Innovation Director at Nespresso, provides feedback.

Question 1: Nespresso and v-commerce

Known for its contributions to customer experience and customer relations, virtual reality can be an asset for many brands. Find out why Nespresso is particularly interested in this technology:

Question 2: Why did Nespresso choose Retail VR to test v-commerce?

Our first meeting took place at an event organized by the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (FEVAD). The watchword: co-creation!

Question 3: What is Nespresso’s initial feedback on v-commerce?

Nespresso conducted a qualitative consumer panel and Jean-Michel CECCONI confides that the feedback they received was “much more positive than we could have imagined”. In particular, Nespresso customers:

  • appreciated the experience
  • got into it quite easily
  • were quickly able to project themselves and make suggestions for future features.

In particular, the solution makes it possible to enhance the content of the current website, whether through video, photo or text.

Question 4: What is your customer feedback on the Web3D shopping experience?

Virtual reality experiences are not only accessible via a VR headset; they are also available on PC, tablet or smartphone. We use a WebGL interface which means that the virtual reality experience is easily accessible from any web browser window. The VR and WebGL (or Web3D) versions are therefore perfectly complementary. (If you would like to know more about this subject, we recommend this blog article: What is virtual reality?)


In particular, customers appreciated the “discovery” content, like the recipe counter shown above. The 3D and Web3D versions of the website are therefore complementary, since each allows the customer his or her own experience.

Question 5: How does Nespresso see 3D innovation for its brand?

To discover the answer to this question, we invite you to watch the video on our YouTube channel.

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