Four new inspiring virtual stores

Dior's showroom
Astrid Baron - 03/02/2021

Four new inspiring virtual stores :

What is the interest of virtual stores?

Online commerce has exploded again this year and should reach 110 billion euros in 2020. In Europe and more specifically in France, public authorities have encouraged retail players to digitalize their points of sale, to switch to click&collect or e-commerce, thus limiting travel, as a result of the covid, while guaranteeing an income for companies. But among all these new digital solutions, which are the truly innovative ones? Through these examples of four new inspiring virtual stores recently put online, we try to enlighten you on the 360° showrooms which, in our opinion, are by far the most innovative solution to implement, quickly and efficiently.

Four new inspiring virtual shops : Dolce & Gabbana, the 360° experience.

The Dolce & Gabbana brand invites its community to dive into the heart of its physical points of sale… but at a distance. A daring choice in the current health context at a time when the share of online purchases of luxury goods has reached 23% in 2020, compared to 12% in 2019.

Initially launched in Japan, Australia and Italy, the project was deployed in Paris at the prestigious address of 3/5 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Once on the platform, the visitor clicks on the destination of his choice among those available. The system allows them to move around and view the shop in 360 degrees. Clicking on the interaction points available on the products, one can access the photo and the detailed sheet.

The customer can make an appointment with a salesperson by e-mail and obtain more information about the item he or she is interested in, or book a virtual visit with a salesperson on the phone.

A nice introduction, however, the visit remains classic, it highlights the shop without bringing much added value, since you have to take an additional step to place an order. However, it remains one of the beautiful and inspiring virtual shops.

Nouvelle Boutique inspirante D&GD&G boutique credit

Dior Maison, the perfume boutique :

The Christian Dior Parfum virtual boutique now offers an innovative shopping experience in the heart of the Champs Elysées. With a simple click on one of the creations, you can discover the product’s specificities and its price. It is also possible to add it to one’s basket and make purchases from a distance.

This open house brings the customer closer to the brand and gives a different perspective on the customer relationship. The feeling of being alone gives the customer an impression of privilege and of entering intimately into the universe of the brand. All the codes of the House are revealed, a totally immersive visit within one of the most beautiful flagships available.

Dior adds value with the possibility of connecting to its e-commerce site. This is the beginning of an interesting business proposition.

Four new inspiring virtual shops :  Clarins, the ephemeral pop-up store :

For the past few years, the French brand has never ceased to surprise us: ever more qualitative make-up products, a complete makeover of its suncare range, the arrival of Myclarins… But Clarins is not stopping there and is now going digital.

This online opening is a sign of the brand’s modernity and its desire to remain as close as possible to its customers. To do this, it has created customised areas: the virtual trial dedicated to make-up, the skin workshop to learn all about Clarins’ iconic gestures, and the herbarium to discover Clarins’ 208 beneficial plants. Despite the health context, a virtual boutique was first launched in France in October, before being progressively deployed physically in Dubai and Hong Kong, China.

A boutique, the possibility of immediate purchase, direct access to an online make-up experience… all the criteria are here to stand out and create added value.

The brand’s universe is very present even if the chosen location is perhaps not the most emblematic. The fact remains that there are many interactions, and this visit allows you to measure the extent of Clarins’ offer, which is effective. To see for yourself, click here.

Nouvelle Boutique inspirante clarinsClarins boutique credit

Charlotte Tilbury, reconnecting with people :

In its virtual boutique, the Charlotte Tilbury brand has taken up the concept of the virtual boutique, mixing 360° photography and virtual reality (VR). What is most striking is that, unlike the other shops visited, the emphasis is on putting the human element back at the heart of the digital experience.

As soon as you enter the showroom, Charlotte Tilbury is there to welcome you and guide you through this interactive space. The brand’s universe is directly perceptible and the physical link is preserved. It is possible to explore the catalogue in a 3D space created for the occasion and to try out certain products in augmented reality. The store is intended to be as representative as possible of its strong brand identity. It is a perfect example of an inspiring virtual shop.

showroom charlotte tilburyCharlotte tilbury credit

A counter example :

In order to highlight its Advanced Génifique range, Lancôme launched an immersive experience using virtual reality. This virtual flagship allows users to immerse themselves in the brand’s universe and discover the range in a new way. However, the universe, although modern, remains cold, the interactions are complex, the videos impose themselves on the user. Is this a counter-example? To make up your mind :

Our RETAIL VR showrooms:

Boutique MRK

Swarowki's showroom

All these creations are aesthetically very accomplished, and some are very functional from a commercial point of view.

At Retail VR we are firmly convinced of the importance of maintaining a physical link with the customer. This is essential. In an ultra-competitive sector, it is important to maintain authenticity, the brand universe and the customer relationship. Human relations are all the more valuable as digitalisation can take us away from them. On the contrary, the videoconferencing tools that we have adopted overnight allow us to recreate this link.

In fact, we believe that if the digitalisation of your shop allows you to clone your shop in 3D, it must also allow you to maintain the link between the customer and the sales assistant. You must not neglect the customer’s journey in the shop. Offer them a different and immersive experience, guide them towards the products they like. But also to guide them in the right direction towards additional purchases and to respond to their need for autonomy.

In all cases, a virtual shop must serve as a link with physical shops. By adding an interaction with a physical person, you respond even better to this problem.

At Retail VR our virtual showroom offers (360° or VR) are accompanied by a possible interaction with a physical person. Order products remotely, view product sheets. But also, to call an adviser, to accompany his customer in his purchase process. In a virtual world. these are practices that should be found.

Take inspiration from these examples of virtual shops to offer new shopping experiences in virtual reality!


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