Improve your processes and boost your sales with virtual and augmented reality

Increase efficiency

Reduce your product launch time by testing via a 3D virtual shop.

Engage your sales teams

Thanks to augmented reality to simulate merchandising locations (POS, boxes, etc.), give your sales staff more visibility.

Offer an immersive experience

Offer immersive virtual shops that your customers can visit via their phones.

With our SAAS platform, we simplify access to 3D and limit costs

Virtual and augmented reality platform Retail VR

Virtual Showroom

Accelerate the deployment of new retail concepts with virtual shop twins.

Thanks to our virtual commerce solution, you will be able to offer your customers new shopping experiences that are increasingly digital, immersive and, above all, more emotional on all sales channels (shop, website or virtual reality headsets). 

virtual showroom

Instore Activation

Offer a realistic vision of your Trade Marketing and Merchandising operations in shop and increase your sales thanks to augmented reality.

Using your smartphone or tablet, you can simulate the positioning of merchandising recommendations in points of sale. Thanks to augmented reality, you can more easily adapt your furniture proposals (kakemonos, gondola fronts, shelf markers, boxes, etc.) to the reality and constraints of your partners and their shops.

instore activation

Anticipate the launch of your future product innovations, reduce the cost of testing and marketing studies with virtual shops.

Using a 3D camera, our team captures your point of sale in just a few hours. Our platform then allows you toimport your merchandising plans (planograms) from your 2D merchandising software (spaceman, JDA, Coheris, etc.) and automatically convert them into 3D

retail staging

Offer new, more immersive sales experiences.

Do you want to offer your customers an emotional and immersive shopping experience? Thanks to virtual reality, they will be able to discover the universe of your brand and the extent of your range. They will then be actors of their shopping in your pop-up stores, on your website or with their virtual reality headset.

Virtual trade

Retail VR helps them change retail.

Since April 2018, we have been lucky enough to develop our business alongside loyal clients. Together with them, we want to reinvent retail and accelerate retail innovation processes.

Retail VR
Retail VR
Retail VR

We offer brands and retailers new shopping experiences with unlimited possibilities.

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