Virtual Store

The business of the future!

25 years that e-commerce has not changed, that we are faced with a linear and monotonous wall of products. Yet the customer is looking for new experiences.


With Virtual Store, your customer is immersed in a more emotionally powerful shopping experience that generates higher conversion rates.

The advantages of Virtual Store


new generations of consumers


your customers in the visual and merchandising universe of your brand


in the business of the future by gamifying your retail experiences


salesmen and customers talk like in a store thanks to our avatars

Quick and easy deployment


your virtual store using the codes of your brand universe


- your products
- your media content
- interactions and your avatars


- by defining your level of confidentiality
- with a simple URL link or a QR code
- on any type of support (smartphone, PC...)

The benefits


on the average basket


of traffic on the website


of sales


of time spent on the site

Use cases

Virtual Store

The New Cellar

Benefits for La Nouvelle Cave

Gaspard Randon de Grolier

Virtual Store


Benefits to Structube

Tommy Fafard
Expert in digital strategies

They use Virtual Store

A little lexicon

The new internet

Virtual reality is a technology that allows you to be immersed in a virtual environment created from scratch in 3D or from real 360° shots. To do this? Use a Virtual Reality headset or a smartphone equipped with a VR adapter such as a cardboard to be immersed. You can turn your head 360° around you, move in space and interact with the environment through controllers.

Contraction of meta and universe, this term appeared in 1992 with the novel Snow Crash. It echoes the way the Internet could evolve thanks to virtual reality. The metaverse represents a virtual space that allows users to perform many actions such as building, buying, moving, playing, watching concerts or exhibitions among others. Web 3.0 is an essential component of the metaverse.

This is a new era of the internet (after web 2.0) based on blockchain technology. This new formula follows the stranglehold of platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, which have led to data mining, privacy violations and the oppression of the ability to control the content created. Now it's time for decentralization and for communities and creators to take control of the value they generate. This is why Web 3. 0 is seeing the emergence of new consumption behaviors with NFT, cryptocurrencies or D2A.

Data is open, distributed and owned collectively by peer-to-peer networks. In this way, users own their data. Indeed, transactions can bypass intermediaries and data lives on the blockchain as a public good to which everyone can contribute and can monetize.

New consumer behaviour

Initially, the term v-commerce is used for virtual commerce and designates the commercial activity generated from virtual reality applications. It represents the next big evolution of commerce which consists in a mix between e-commerce and all the new technologies such as virtual reality or augmented reality. These two technologies are on the way to completely revolutionize shopping in physical stores and e-commerce.

The non-fungible token is a representation of an object in the form of a digital file. It is certified as unique and with a tamper-proof deed. Nowadays, many everyday objects are starting to be made into NFT versions, such as shoes, artworks or music albums. In short, it is nothing less than a new way to create business and generate sales.

It is a digital currency that uses, among other things, the technology of cryptography, allowing to protect messages or keys. Cryptocurrency has the particularity of not requiring a central bank since it is based on a blockchain. The two best known are probably Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Direct-to-avatar allows companies and users to sell products directly to an avatar. It's the same phenomenon as cosmetics in video games: dressing up your character or avatar becomes important to users. This new consumer behavior has a significant advantage. Indeed, it allows companies in the fashion industry in particular to bypass the problems related to logistics or supply chain, which they may encounter with physical objects.

We offer brands and retailers new shopping experiences with unlimited possibilities.

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