How to create buzz with augmented reality filters?

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Astrid Baron - 06/05/2021

How to create buzz with augmented reality filters?

What is augmented reality?

First introduced in the late 1960s, augmented reality is a technology that allows virtual elements to be integrated into 3D (in real time) within a real environment. The principle is to combine the virtual and the real and give the illusion of perfect integration to the user. It is usually the superimposition of computer-generated images (text, pictograms, 3D objects...) on real images. As thefilter-experience article "Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality is applied in our real world. When we talk about augmented realityThe term 'technology' is still not understood by many people. Most of the time, we imagine that it is associated with cutting-edge technology, almost inaccessible to everyone. However, augmented reality is being used much more often than we think. There are even more "500 million people per day in the world"to use it unconsciously according to the Digimind's blog. So how do we go about using augmented reality?

What are augmented reality filters?

Simply through the augmented reality filters. But what are these filters in practice? "The filters are creative layersThese are colour effects that you add after capturing your photos. They allow you to change the visual aspect of your image by changing certain settings such as hue, saturation or brightness." explains the Numerized article. On the Social networks, Augmented reality filters are everywhere! They allow us toadd a touch of fun to our photos or videos, to make-up in a clickor to make us look good when we are tired. If there's one trend to catch on to immediately, it's this one. It is winning the hearts of more and more people, taking over smartphones through Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. These colourful and attractive filters attract the attention of users, and this does not displease brands. But why are brands using these augmented reality filters? And how do you create buzz with augmented reality filters?

Why do brands use them?

Avene Filter The augmented reality filters are causing a stir! Brands have understood this and are looking to use this new technology to grow. There are many reasons for brands to create their own augmented reality filters: brand awareness, growth opportunities... 

Gives the brand a facelift:

In order to make an impression, there is no doubt that the augmented reality filters are the solution. They allow brands to show themselves in the spirit of the timesborrowing the new social network codes and thus be up to date. This gives a a new look for the brand which shows that it knows how to follow the trends of the moment.  Thanks to these filters, retailers are using them as a new means of communication and social media strategy.

Promote their products easily:

With the augmented reality filters, you enhance your brand image but also your products. Filters are not just for embellishment, they can allow users to test your products in augmented reality. According to the study in the sensefuel "70% of consumers stated that they would be more loyal to brands with AR as part of their shopping experience." Thanks to the filters of augmented realityThe user wears your products directly, and can be instantly seduced! No more barriers to purchase, he then moves on to an online purchase or a drive-to-store. Similar to the Ikea brand which uses a augmented reality application, The future buyer can also project the image of a sofa or piece of furniture as if it were already in his home. He can thus imagine your interior more easilyIt is possible to change the colour and thus obtain a concrete simulation of what he would like. Everything is conditioned to reassure the buyer and encourage them to buy.  Brands thus make their advertisements thanks to filters! But how do you get the buzz and stand out? 

How to create buzz with augmented reality filters?

Boost your social networking strategy:

Filters serve as a real marketing strategy and can show thes image that you want! In order to expand your community on the social networkss, the augmented reality filters represent a huge opportunity. "Thanks to the AR filters, the interaction rate of your audience is increased by more than 25%. on your content." demonstrates the filter-story The more attractive your filter is, the more your community will want to use it for theirs. From then on, your audience will grow. In the blink of an eye, your filter will be known to millions of users and create a whole new audience.  What becomes even more interesting for brands is that the the name of the creator of the filter always remains visible. Wherever you are, the users will know your brand and then come and see what you are doing.  But to do this, you must first be original! 

Be original:

Creating buzz with augmented reality filters Don't set any limits. If one word had to be attributed to augmented reality filters it would be creativity. In order to stand out from the competition, attract your customers. Be bold, entertain your audience! Consumers are keen on originality. And for this, several solutions are possible: 
  • Like Macdonald, create your own filter featuring your products.
  • Create mini-games that boost your audience by creating interactivity. 
  • Use contests to create buzz by boosting your brand's shares.
  • Enjoy a unique and immersive experience through special effects, 3D worlds and more.
It is important to stand out but it is also important to create a filter that matches you. Don't change your brand image but rather be consistent with it. The aim is not to lose your audience but to bring them into your world. 

Engage through interactivity and create buzz with augmented reality filters:

As the site tigrz : "The interest for brands is to create a connection with users that go beyond mere advertising impressions." By creating a unique filter, you reach a community ofé young and active, an opportunity for you to increase your economic growth. In this way you create commitment with your hearing. Your brand gets a new lease of life and appeals.  Your consumers find interaction with your brand and a a new bond is created. The more you engage your audience, the more your relationship will be strengthened and will act as a sales accelerator.  Augmented reality filters therefore provide real added value for companies that are adept at social networking and new technologies.  But filters are not the only ones to use augmented reality.  It can be used for many other purposes that facilitate daily work. To find out more about the uses of augmented reality :


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