Feedback: Nespresso and v-commerce

Lise KELLER - 15/09/2019

Nespresso and v-commerce

We propose a series of five episodes to present Nespresso 's feedback on v-commerce. Available on our Youtube channel, these episodes aim to share with you a case study of virtual reality at the service of the customer experience.

Implemented by Retail VR, the solution has been developed on several platforms (Oculus Quest headsets, Microsoft Mixed Reality, HTC) as well as for the Mozilla and Chrome web browsers. Discover the feedback from Jean-Michel CECCONI, Open Innovation Director at Nespresso.

Question 1: Nespresso and virtual reality

Known for its contributions to customer experience and relationships, virtual reality could be an asset for the Nespresso brand. In fact, find out why Nespresso is interested in this technology:

Question 2: Why did Nespresso choose Retail VR to test v-commerce?

Our first meeting: an event organised by the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (FEVAD). The watchword: co-creation!

Question 3: What is Nespresso's first feedback on v-commerce?

Jean-Michel CECCONI represents the Nespresso brand and shares with you his feelings on the qualitative study conducted with a panel of consumers. The feedback is "much more positive than we could have imagined", he confides. From this study [extract from the video], he concludes that Nespresso's customers :

  • enjoyed the experience,
  • got into the experiment quite easily,
  • were quickly able to project themselves and make suggestions for future functionality.

In particular, the solution makes it possible to enhance the content of the current website, whether it be video, photo or textual. 

Question 4: Customer feedback on the Web3D shopping experience?

Virtual reality experiences are not only accessible via a VR headset. If you want to know more about this topic, we recommend this blog post: What is virtual reality? For example, they are also available on PC, tablet or smartphone. From a browser window, we use a WebGL interface. This means that virtual reality is also easily accessible from home, from your computer; and more precisely with your web browser. The VR and WebGL (or Web3D) versions are therefore perfectly complementary


In particular, customers appreciated the "discovery" content, such as the recipe counter above. The 3D and current versions of the website are therefore complementary, as each allows the customer to find an answer to their quest for consumer experience.

Question 5: How does Nespresso fit into 3D innovation?

To discover the answer to this last question of our series "Nespresso and v-commerce", we invite you to watch the video on our YouTube channel. Here's a hint: the answer comes from Nespresso's customers... so?

Of course, our team is available to answer your questions! We invite you to contact us via the request form.

The 3D images are from a test experiment with a panel of customers.