Retail VR interview by Village Startup - 01TV

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Astrid Baron - 16/03/2021

Retail VR interview by Village Startup - 01TV

The 01TV's Village Startup highlights the nuggets of French entrepreneurship and innovation. Each month, start-ups have exactly six minutes to highlight their product or service. This month, Retail VR is featured by 01TV's Village Startup. Meet Adrien Zanelli, our co-founder. Through this interview, discover our different solutions:

Interview with Adrien Zanelli. Watch the full video on this link

Key moments from the interview below:

The Shopping Experience :

How can virtual reality be used to enrich the shopping experience, whether in-store or in e-commerce? Phygital is one of the keys to success. Adrien comes back on the sales experience developed for Nespresso, allowing the brand to offer an immersive experience. This experience brings the brand closer to its consumers.


E-commerce Nespresso

You can find these experiences on our website, under 360° showroom or V-commerce :
Immersive sales experience. The virtual equivalent of a purchase on an e-commerce site with added value.

Acceleration of marketing/merchandising processes :

In order to meet consumer expectations and ultra-segmentation, you propose different concepts and find the one that best suits you. 3D facilitates the implementation of new concepts in the points of sale.

2D/3D conversion

We model your photos into a 3D object via our platform. We then automatically re-create a customer journey that can be tested and presented virtually before being realised.

Shopper study :

To ensure a product launch or to test a concept, shopper research is essential. Our platform allows our clients to test more quickly and at a lower cost before execution.

Augmented reality

Instore Activation and augmented reality:

Thanks to augmented reality, you can project a realistic visualization of the proposed concepts and layouts directly into your customers' points of sale.

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