Guest of the month Yann MALVOISIN

Shopper study
Astrid Baron - 16/02/2021

Guest of the month : Yann Malvoisin

Director of Action plus shopper research

References : Guest of the month Yann Malvoisin: Shopper research specialist for 25 years, Action Plus is present in France and internationally. The company is the market leader in shopper research in France and has 15 full-time employees.

Their strength? A real added value upstream (tailor-made approach according to the client's business issues) and downstream of projects (quality of advice and recommendations). Hence the strong loyalty of their clients, some of whom have been with us for more than 15 years (Nestlé, P&G, etc.).


What are the different types of studies that an industrialist can conduct? :

  • There are two main families of studies:

  • Consumer research: This usually involves testing the relevance of a new concept/idea and then testing the new product to establish a diagnosis after use.
  • Shopper studies: these are used to better understand the purchasing behaviour of the buyer (whom we call the shopper) on the shelf or on a Drive / Ecommerce site. These studies also allow us to diagnose the shelf/site and identify the areas of development for the turnover of a category.

These studies can also lead to the assessment of an innovation a few months after its launch.
The Consumer and Shopper approaches complement each other because the Shopper is not necessarily the consumer (e.g. parents buying a product for their child).

Why conduct a survey? What are your customers' motivations?

  • For the client, this involves analysing the shopper's perception of the category in order to identify the levers and obstacles to buying the category, the different segments and brands that make it up. These studies enable the construction of a category approach that will be shared with their retailer clients in order to work on the various levers (Merchandising, Assortment, Promotion, Innovation, etc.).

What defines the Action Plus approach, how do you differentiate?

What is your approach?

Lactalis showroom

  • We have 2 departments to meet the expectations of our clients' various teams: 1/ the Category Management department: our objective is to support the client in organising their department. But also to recommend and test new merchandising organisations. Whether this is with or without accompanying signage/furniture.
    2/ The Marketing & Product Innovation department: the objective is to assist our clients in launching an innovation on the shelf, by identifying the key success factors through a purchasing "tunnel". (Visibility / Emergence on the shelf / Attractiveness / Understanding / Handling / Purchase). Beforehand, we share with our clients their business issues and define with them the type and depth of the study to be conducted. Translate into a research process (added value of the research institute).

What is the contribution of VR in the field of shopper research?

  • Why this partnership?
  • First of all, to be able to test a greater number of proposals. For example, many merchandising configurations (3, 4, 5 or even more). Generally, this number of proposals is almost impossible to test in real life due to the constraint of the Distributors' agreement (their stores are not test laboratories). (Their shops are not test laboratories).
  • No limit on the scope of the search (a department, a universe, the shop, etc.).
  • Price competitiveness compared to other types of solutions previously used. Type of shelf space printed on full size tarpaulin (ratio of about 1 to 3 on the design station). Not to mention that the virtual shelf has no size limit (vs. tarpaulins that have to be installed in specific rooms / complex tarpaulin logistics).
  • A flexibility that allows, potentially, the evolution of certain elements within the framework of a "Test & Learn" approach. For example, it is possible to change the markup according to the lessons learned. On the other hand, the tarpaulin is a one-shot, with no possibility of returning to it.
  • In the context of online tests, it is possible to reach very specific targets.

The virtual reality solution provided by RETAIL VR offers us a range of complementary tools. With methodologies in a real situation (physical shop) or in a virtual situation (3D RETAIL VR shelf). All this according to the context and objectives of our customers.


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