Our guest of the month: Jean Michel CECCONI

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Astrid Baron - 20/11/2020

Our guest of the month: Jean Michel CECCONI
Director of Open Innovation Nespresso France SAS



Our guest of the month: Jean michel Cecconi : Nespresso is a leading player in e-commerce and has an incomparable boutique experience. They saw the value of e-commerce long before anyone else.


In the face of the current crisis:

  • What do you see as the future of e-commerce?
  • Does the current crisis accentuate the digitalization of your offer?

Nespresso shop

  • The e-commerce before COVID-19 was already growing strong growth. According to the figures of the FEVAD (Federation of Distance Selling) e-commerce is becoming an increasingly important part of consumer habits in France and abroad. The COVID has accelerated all this. The brands which had not begun to digitalise their activities suffered terribly from the first crisis, having no way of postponing it. Since then, it has been a frantic race to digitise as quickly as possible. Those who had not taken the plunge are doing so very quickly.
  • "In the current crisis, retailers are looking to substitute physical with digital in two ways. One way is very functional with e-commerce for distance sales, and a more emotional side emotional side through through 3D solutions. They are looking for a environment immersive environment to compensate for what is less available in digital. Those who were reluctant at the time or who did not believe in it, will see that it has an interest and that it works. The technology has become a little more democratic than it was before. It is a bright future that awaits us."

v-commerce :

Being a forerunner in innovation, you were the first to launch/test the V-commerce concept.

  • How did you come up with this idea?


We were inspired by one of our brands. They had set up their entire showroom and their collections were ready for sale when the lockdown was announced. The idea of a 3D showroom came up. The brand asked us to assist them in the implementation of this project. Once their 3D showroom was integrated into Le New Black, we wanted to offer an equivalent solution to all our client brands.

The benefits :

  • Did your test customers enjoy using this solution / if so / how?if yes / how?

nespresso shop


  • The feedback from customers was unanimous. The comments were very consistent. They really enjoyed it and got into the experience easily. It allowed them to see a lot more than they normally see. This is a real plus, especially for the test in a 3D computer environment. For this study, we re-created a physical environment in digital, in which they could move around like in a physical shop. In a website, we follow more what has been imposed on us, whereas in a 3D showroom, the customer finds his "natural behaviour". Each customer makes his or her journey in his or her own way and that's what they like. They perceived things in the 3D environment that they did not see in 2D.

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