Our guest of the month: Mélanie CHETTY

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Astrid Baron - 18/12/2020

Our guest of the month: Mélanie CHETTY
Head of Customer Success at Le New Black


Our guest of the month: Mélanie CHETTY : The New Black is a digital wholesale sales management platform for creative brands: iPad order-taking application, digital showroom and sales management back-office back office for sales management.


In the face of the current crisis:

  • How did the fashion brands react?


MRK showroom


This pandemic has obviously been a blow to the entire industry. Nevertheless, it is with an astonishing reactivity that brands have been able to react and reorganise their processes to adapt to the situation. Some have gone digital, others have seized the opportunity to integrate innovation into their creative strategy.

The New Black :

Your platform is one of the first to have integrated a virtual showroom into your offer:

  • As a pioneer, how did you come up with this idea?

MRK input


We were inspired by one of our brands. They had set up their entire showroom and their collections were ready for sale when the lockdown was announced. The idea of a 3D showroom came up. The brand asked us to assist them in the implementation of this project. Once their 3D showroom was integrated into Le New Black, we wanted to offer an equivalent solution to all our client brands.


  • Why was Retail VR selected as one of your partners on this project?


  • Our desire is to create an ecosystem around the brands. To be able to offer them a solid network of partners, in order to benefit from the services and expertise of each one. Our business expertise, our ability to listen and advise our clients are all qualities that make Retail VR one of our preferred partners. Retail VR has been able to accompany our brands in the digitalisation of their showrooms by offering a new immersive and personalised shopping experience.

The benefits :

  • How did the brands react?
  • What benefits have they gained?

The 3D showroom is a real showcase as it allows the experience of a physical showroom to be retranscribed. It also gives the buyer the opportunity to come and discover the collection himself and the sales team to focus on the sales pitch rather than on the discovery.

We have observed a great deal of autonomy on the part of our clients in the use of the 3D showroom. In particular in the presentation of looks on mannequins. This allows brands to stand out and build loyalty among their buyers. They will have lived a real experience from the simple visit to the digital showroom Le New Black to the complete immersion in the universe of the brand from the 3D showroom.


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