An award for 3D shopper studies!

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Antoine Charneau - 06/12/2021

Award for 3D shopper studies at the 8th Night of Connected Commerce

We were present at the evening of November 22, 2021, for the 8th night of connected commerce, organized by Républik Retail. In a packed Mogador theatre, our partner Enov received a prestigious award for its 3D shopper studies, developed with our technology.

The Night of Connected Commerce by Républik Retail

Launched in 2013, this event rewards the various players in the sector during a special evening. It takes place over a number of months, starting in January and ending with the ceremony which usually takes place in November. This event has become a reference, and makes the sector shine during a whole evening. Thus, it is nearly 1000 retailers, 100 candidate companies and a jury composed of the greatest personalities in retail. It is an opportunity to develop one's network and to make oneself known.

3D shopper award
Credit: Manuel ABELLA

Enov, specialist in shopper research

Enov is a marketing and innovation research institute. No less than 80 experts in Paris and Lyon work with major advertisers in various sectors in France and abroad. They deal with marketing and sales issues, such as understanding targets and markets, innovation, customer experience and communication. Enov's mission is to put customers at the heart of a company's decisions. As part of its efforts to reinvent and reenchant the customer experience, Enov offers shopper research.

A shopper study is a process to understand the buying behaviour of the consumer, by analysing their choices and motivations.

With the help of our services, our partner Enov also conducts innovative shopper studies using virtual reality, called Virtual Shopper eXperience. Indeed, we allow customers to enter a virtual shop.

Retail Staging is a technological solution that allows you to test new 3D planogram layouts at will. First of all, our platform allows an automatic conversion of your 2D planograms into 3D. Your converted files can simply be added to your library and shared with all your colleagues. Then, all you have to do is test your future concepts. For this purpose, we create a realistic and fully interactive digital twin of the 3D shop in which you can try out different layouts.

Gold award for our partner Enov

For this event, the company competed in the supplier innovation category.

The jury was composed of : 

  • Cathy COLLART GEIGER, President and CEO - PICARD 
  • Fabio RINALDI, Chairman of the Management Board - BIGMAT
  • Pierre-Alexandre MOURET, Strategy and Operations Director - PHARMAVIE
  • Philippe ROMANO, CEO and Co-Founder - KBRW 
  • Joannes SOENEN, President - CELIO

To convince this jury, she proposed a virtual immersion using our Retail Staging technology. This experience allows us to reconstruct the in-store shopping path, to test and install the shelves, the merchandising, etc. As a result, Enov offers much more immersive shopper studies. These studies are based on 3D and drastically reduce production times. In the quest to reinvent the world of retail, the jury was convinced by this innovative approach through various points:

  • Showing your concept at a lower cost
  • Engaging both consumers and employees
  • Analyse consumer behaviour via quantitative measurement indicators
  • Analysing the emotional dimension of the buying experience

A great reward for 3D shopper studies. We are very proud of this partnership with Enov!

To learn more, discover the replay of our webinar on 3D shopper research HERE !

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