Retail VR is a partner of Matterport

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Antoine Charneau - 18/04/2022

Retail VR is a partner of Matterport

In recent years, consumers have strongly embraced online shopping. Even items traditionally purchased only at the point of sale, such as cars and luxury goods, have embraced the keys to e-commerce. However, consumers are looking for new experiences, both in-store and online. Unfortunately, many retailers and brands are struggling to deliver online shopping experiences that live up to consumer expectations. Why did we become a Matterport partner?

Retail VR is rising to the challenge by creating innovative and immersive e-commerce solutions. These experiences are available for all products, from luxury to household goods. For this, we have relied on the world leader in digital twins: Matterport.

What is Matterport?

Matterport is the number 1 in 3D capture. Its all-in-one platform turns real spaces into immersive digital twins. Indeed, it's much more than just a series of panoramic scans. Matterport allows users to scan and connect rooms to create interactive 3D models. To do this, the platform has a number of advantages:

  • a suite of powerful features: notes, measurements, pop-up windows, 3D floor plan... 
  • high accessibility: through a 3D camera, a 360° spherical camera, a LIDAR camera or a mobile device; and through a mobile application that allows any space to be transformed into a shareable immersive 3D digital twin. 
  • customisation of its 3D space: using the different functionalities.
  • sharing 3D models: via social networks, via email, integration on a website, sending schematic floor plans.

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Partnering with Matterport to reinvent retail!

Since 2019, our partnership with Matterport allows us to create and market applications and integrations with the spatial data platform.

Thanks to our solution Virtual Showroomwe can turn a digital twin into an immersive shopping experience. With just a few clicks, we can set up a showroom with ease. We can also provide unlimited media content to inform the customer about the products being sold. Indeed, we can add product sheets, 3D objects, integrated screens, and even video conferences with the salesperson. We believe it is important to have a human interface in a digital experience.

In addition, the showroom can be directly connected to a B2B platform or an e-commerce site. In this way, it offers the possibility for customers to make online purchases within the showroom. 

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Simplifying access to 3D

The aim of our platform is to simplify access to 3D for all marketing, merchandising and sales professionals. But also, to validate product launches or promotional campaigns. 

Indeed, our Retail Staging solution offers several possibilities. It allows you to simulate a customer journey, to do AB testing or to use it as a support for future shopper studies. All in 3D and without any complexity. 

In addition, our platform has an analysis tool that groups together several metrics such as time spent in the showroom, clicks on objects, and movements. The aim is to understand the buying behaviour of users through these statistics.

These reconstructions of merchandising environments can then be integrated into a digital twin. The aim is to bring the shopper as close as possible to a purchasing experience. To do this, we will be able to let them evolve in a photorealistic environment that is as close to reality as possible and totally immersive. 

retail staging, Retail VR partner Matterport

For what benefits?

In a period of growing awareness of climate issues, digital solutions could prove to be very beneficial. Indeed, there are many advantages to these different solutions, both economically and environmentally:

  • Increased site traffic and impulse buying through virtual reality immersion.
  • Reduction in the time needed to set up shopper studies or product launches: twice as fast and 10 times cheaper. By way of comparison, you have to buy an entire shelf and article references to carry out an in vivo study. Or you could print huge tarpaulins which would then be destroyed. Our solution allows us to recreate the shelves to be tested and the shopping environment thanks to Matterport in just a few hours. 
  • Reducing the carbon footprint and limiting travel. By creating an immersive showroom for wholesalers, a luxury fashion brand saved 1,200 tonnes of carbon emissions with a single virtual showroom. Connected via video conferencing, it allowed the wholesaler and sales staff to present the new collections virtually on the other side of the world. 

Retail VR is now a partner of Matterport. This collaboration is a real opportunity. It brings simplicity and efficiency in the implementation of shopping environments. We had the content through the generation of 3D objects. We were looking for the container, and we found the solution with Matterport. 

To find out more about our features, please visit our Matterport page.

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