Solution to COVID-19: The new virtual fitting room

Virtual fitting room
Astrid Baron - 22/12/2020

Solution to COVID-19: The new virtual fitting room :

The impact of COVID-19 on the fashion world :

The Covid crisis crisis has shaken many sectors, including the fashion industry. According to Madamelefigaro : "The containment measures have brought textile factories to a halt, resulting in the closure of shops. It also had a profound impact on Fashion Week, which had to reinvent itself to maintain exposure for fashion brands.. The health crisis could also be felt by customers, who are less willing to spend. A survey carried out by Opinionway shows that the French intend to reduce their fashion budget by 28%.. Even if the shops have recently reopened, the fitting rooms are still, for the most part, inaccessible. The solution is the new virtual fitting room.

The article in Echoes emphasises the fact that "more and more people are buying online (+13.4% of spending in 2018 in France, according to Fevad), but not enough clothes. Trying on clothes in shop remains essential for very many consumers." The blog Cartnetsduluxe also points to the steep decline in in-store footfall. "According to figures published by Le Figaro, footfall in French fashion shops would have fallen by 59.8% compared to 2019." A hard blow for this sector where usually, the relationship and the physical shops prevail. But how can we manage to keep the link in the face of the situation? How can we convince customers to return to the brands?

Augmented reality as a solution to the current crisis:

To overcome this crisis, fashion brands are betting on innovation and new technologies. Some solutions have made a comeback, such as tele-shopping, but also video-conference shopping... All means are good to keep in touch and continue to seduce. However, the most innovative and attractive solution remains shopping in augmented reality. Innovatys-consulting explains that "the online sale of clothing is exploding, in particular thanks to services that "reassure" the customer, but are relatively expensive for the brands. Free returns and exchanges, for example, are now common practice, but weigh on both the logistics and financial management of brands."To limit these impacts, including the environmental impact, many retailers are therefore working on virtual fitting solutions. It offers a simple alternative for the customer halfway between the all-digital and the physical.

New technological process :

Augmented reality could well be boosted this year by the health crisis. This technological process has also developed rapidly in the field of beauty. Thanks to applications, it is possible to try out products without applying them to the skin. We will have the opportunity to zoom in again on how to "test your favourite products from your sofa." AR can be useful for trying on clothes without going to the physical fitting room. V-commerce" (that which uses virtual or augmented reality), which allows people to try on products without going to a shop, has a great deal of room for growth. Brands and retailers believe in it, as shown by the solutions that some have been offering for several months now. But who are the pioneers in this field?

Chanel and Asos, pioneers of the new virtual fitting room in fashion:

"At the beginning of 2020, even before the health crisis broke out, several brands had already bet on these virtual fittings. They were able to get a head start during the containment."underlines the blog carnetsduluxe blog. Chanel has deployed a new virtual fitting room programme. A mobile application and a connected mirror make it possible to discover the pieces of the latest collections, to immerse oneself in the fashion shows to be inspired by the looks, and to travel in the Chanel universe. Much more than a support to facilitate purchases, this booth intelligently complements the work of the fashion advisors. Customers connected to the programme have access to the entire Chanel collection for their online shopping. "With this connected fitting room, Chanel has combined cutting-edge technology, a shopping experience and personalised support. underlines the conected-store website.

For the e-tailer Asos :

British e-tailer Asos is also among the forerunners having announced the launch of its new tool on 14 January. Its online sales platform, the virtual fitting room, works differently. At the beginning of the session, the customer is invited to select the mannequin whose morphology is the closest to her own. This mannequin then leads the fitting session. Called "See My Fit", it allows a garment to be displayed when worn on several different body types. The digital factory adds that "the tool named "See My Fit" allows you to see 16 models wearing one of 800 selected dresses with sizes ranging from 34 to 48." Asos explains that the tool digitally maps the selected product onto the models, so that the images presented to customers appear as if they were real photographs.

This is a real boost in an age where in-cabin fittings are subject to strict health safety protocols (quarantining clothes or steaming them to eliminate bacteria). This proves that virtual fittings are not just a spare tire. On the contrary, it has its place in post-health crisis marketing strategies.


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