Virtual Commerce

Turn your shop into an immersive shopping experience with Virtual Commerce

Do you want to offer your customers an emotional and immersive shopping experience? Thanks to virtual reality, they will be able to discover the universe of your brand and the extent of your range. They will then be actors of their shopping in your pop-up stores, on your website or with their virtual reality headset.

Virtual Commerce features

Give access to an immersive shop accessible from any medium: smartphone, web, virtual reality headset.

Gather information and gain insight into your consumers' behaviour.

Customise your shopping environment according to your customers' preferences.

Benefit from an innovative and promising sales channel

Generate analyses of your sales and gather information on your customers' behaviour.

In addition to your e-commerce site, you can offer your customers a unique shopping experience that reflects your image. In this virtual version of your shop, you promote your brand's merchandising codes and your values. A product has just been listed? Add it in this interactive environment and enhance your multimedia content, with ease.

Your customers will have access to this immersive shop from their smartphone, through a web browser or with a virtual reality headset.

Our Commerce solution will also allow you to better understand the behaviour of your consumers and to make the most of the information collected.

You will be able to personalise your shopping environments according to their preferences and therefore generate impulse buys!

Expand your product range

Present an infinite number of products with virtual reality.

Virtual reality is an ideal solution to the lack of display space in physical shops. This 3D technology will allow you to : 

Offer your full range of products.

No more frustration of not being able to discover the full range and compare the different sizes and colours!

Invite your customers to discover your shop, your brand and its products

in small or ephemeral spaces, such as train stations, airports or pop-up stores!

To try it is to adopt it: virtual reality allows intuitive and natural interaction with many products, in a recommendation-based shopping environment to facilitate cross-marketing.

Together with them, we create the shopping experiences of tomorrow.


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We offer brands and retailers new shopping experiences with unlimited possibilities.

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