Instore Activation

Bring your merchandising and trade marketing operations to life with augmented reality

Using your smartphone, you and your team can project a realistic visualisation of the proposed concepts and layouts directly into your customers' stores. From the platform, you can access the entire catalogue of 3D modelled objects: promotional furniture, POS displays, boxes, etc. Personalise your approach with your customers and present future in-store operations in their environment. 

No more misunderstandings and approximations: meet your customers' requirements and negotiate the best locations with them. Boost your sales by adopting a new Merchandising tool to simplify the work of your sales teams!

The features of Instore Activation.

With Instore Activation, you have the power to share with your customer a clear and personalised vision of your future in-store concepts. In just a few seconds, you can see how much space an item occupies, change its location and access new items from your library. Thanks to the application, you can in real time : 

Simulate your new headline projects

Negotiating a new layout

Creating a central aisle

Improve your productivity, sales and customer satisfaction.

Increase your sales by 12.5% with this new, simple and powerful Merchandising tool "Instore Activation".


Your sales force will have easy access to all your promotional campaigns and will have a visual and powerful tool to apply your merchandising strategy.

Today, many salespeople complain about the administrative burden of their mission: once they return from the field, they are forced to prepare a visual proposal before sending it to the client.

Thanks to augmented reality, they will now be able to :

In perfect collaboration with your customers, your team will save an average of 5 hours of work... That's almost a day's work! 

Optimise the execution of your trade marketing campaigns

Increase your turnover by 12.5% with this new Merchandising tool, as simple as it is powerful.

Step 1 retail VR

Your Merchandising elements (POS, signage, kakemonos, promotional posters, shelf markers, boxes, etc.) are stored in a single platform.

Step 2 retail VR

With your smartphone, you position the Merchandising elements in the physical environment of the shop and negotiate with the customer the best locations. 

Step 3 retail VR

Your proposal is immediately taken into account: the client visualises the size and location of the future POP display with you.

Step 4 retail VR

Together, you can also simulate the future customer journey before launching the merchandising campaign with your brand, and help you personalise the showroom to your image.

With Instore Activation, your trade marketing approach will become easier, more effective and more engaging for all stakeholders... and the sales cycle is greatly reduced!

Increase efficiency

Visualise the precise positioning of your promotional furniture

A solution that is easy to learn and use on a daily basis

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