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Don't wait any longer, retail is moving into the metaverse.

The majority of young people think that they should be able to buy everywhere on the web, including in the metaverse :

- 75% of generation Z have already bought a digital object on a video game*.

- 60% of them think that brands should use the metaverse to sell their products*.

- 45% of them think that the metaverse will be the e-commerce of the future*.

*(external source 2021)

Key features

What are your objectives?

Selling products

Reaching a younger audience

Buying land

Designing and marketing NFTs

Create your virtual space

Creating avatars

We will help you define your goals and achieve them!


Let's get your brand into the metaverse !

Platforms to follow

Support on the most relevant platform.

retail VR, virtual reality
190 million monthly players

- Create and share games (paid or free access).

- Reaching a young target: (Statista) 67% of the players are under 16 years old, 25% of them are under 9 years old.

- Selling products to the avatars (Nike, Vans partnerships).

metaverse, Retail VR
Between 3 and 8 million active players every day

- Create and share new games or experiences.

- Reaching a young target group: (Verto Analytics) 62.7% of players are under 24, 22.5% are between 25 and 34.

Retail VR, metaverse
300,000 monthly active users

- Buying and selling land.

- Develop your property: gambling, casino, building, product presentation.

- Create andsell NFTs (art or clothing) via auction houses.

- Organising events.

30,000 monthly active users

- Create and share games.

- Renting plots.

- Buying and selling land.

-Organising events.

- Create and sell NFTs (art, cosmetics, collectibles, certified tickets...).

Retail VR, metaverse
35,000 monthly active users

- Buy, rent and sell land.

-Develop your property: buildings, live streams, videos, 3D models, place NFTs.

- Organising events.

- Create and sell NFTs.

Between 8,000 and 12,000 monthly active users

- Create an avatar.

- Create a virtual world and games

- Organising events.

Retail VR, metaverse
1000 monthly active players

- Buying and selling land.

- Create and share games.

- Constructing buildings.

- Organising events.

Retail VR, metaverse
Maximum 50 users in a virtual space (except for major events)

- Create a virtual world.

- Develop your property: images, video, 3D models.

- Organise events (including an NFT gallery).

A little lexicon

The new internet


  • Metaverse Contraction of meta and universe, this term appeared in 1992 with the novel Snow Crash. It echoes the way in which the Internet could evolve thanks to virtual reality. The metaverse represents a virtual space that allows users to perform many actions such as building, buying, moving, playing, watching concerts or exhibitions among others. Le Web 3.0 is an essential component of the metaverse.
  • Web 3.0 : This is a new era of the internet (after web 2.0) based on blockchain. This new formula follows the stranglehold of platforms like Facebook and YouTube, which have led to data mining, violation of privacy and oppression of the ability to control the content created. Place now to the era of decentralisation and the reclaiming by communities and creators of the value they generate.
  • This is why Web 3.0 is seeing the emergence of new consumer behaviour with NFTs, the cryptocurrencies or the D2A..
  • Blockchain : Data is open, distributed and held collectively by peer-to-peer networks. In this way, users own their data. Indeed, transactions can bypass intermediaries and the data lives on the blockchain as a public good to which everyone can contribute and monetise.

New consumer behaviour


  • NFT (Non Fungible Token) The non-fungible token is a representation of an object in the form of a digital file. It is certified as unique and with a tamper-proof ownership certificate. Nowadays, many everyday objects are starting to be made into NFT versions, such as shoes, artworks or music albums. In short, it is nothing less than a new way to create commerce and generate sales.
  • Cryptocurrency : This is a digital currency that uses cryptographic technology to protect messages or keys. Cryptocurrency has the particularity of not requiring a central bank since it is based on a blockchain.
  • The two best known are probably Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • D2A Direct-to-avatar allows companies and users to sell products directly to an avatar. It is the same phenomenon as cosmetics in video games: dressing up your character or avatar becomes important to users. This new consumer behaviour has a significant advantage. It allows companies in the it allows companies in the fashion sector in particular to bypass the problems linked to logistics or the supply chain that they may encounter with physical objects.


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