Virtual Showroom: An immersive experience

Offer your customers a shopping experience in a virtual showroom

Visit the virtual showroom of the MRK brand

Offer an immersive experience with a virtual showroom:

Retail VR's 360 showrooms allow you to create beautiful VIRTUAL SHOWROOMS that immerse your customers in your brand's experience through the visual presentation of your collections.

Turn your shop into an immersive shopping experience with Virtual Commerce

Visit the virtual showroom of the DC Swiss brand

Do you want to offer your customers an emotional and immersive shopping experience? Thanks to virtual reality, they will be able to discover the universe of your brand and the extent of your range. They will then be actors of their shopping in your pop-up stores, on your website or with their virtual reality headset.

The features of a virtual showroom

The aim is to offer the most immersive experience possible, and this without a virtual reality headset. The application is available to your customers on smartphones, tablets or PCs connected to the internet.

Walk around as if in a physical showroom

Unrolling a rack of clothes

Watch videos of your fashion shows

Switch to the product sheet you are interested in

Ask for a salesperson to accompany you on a video conference

No need to travel!

The virtual showroom is an effective solution to the current health crisis and offers a sustainable response to the CSR challenges facing brands.

This solution allows more customers to access your collections and thus increase your sales.

Retail VR partners with Matterport

Create immersive shopping experiences and simulate your customer journeys.

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A fast and simple process, your showroom available in a few days

Step 1 retail VR

Briefing meeting: preparation of the showroom and making appointments for the 3D scan

Step 2 retail VR

Retail VR captures the physical showroom which is then integrated into the Retail VR platform within 24 hours

Step 3 retail VR

We implement the interaction points with your brand and help you personalise the showroom to your image

Step 4 retail VR

Retail VR delivers the final virtual tour.

It is possible to integrate the virtual tour directly into your BtoB ordering application.

Your customers simply log in and place orders for your products. Our platform provides analytical data.

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We offer brands and retailers new shopping experiences with unlimited possibilities.

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