Discac testifies on the virtual showroom solution

kimveillaux - 17/01/2023

Context and challenges: Discac's testimony on the solution Virtual showroom

Presentation of the interviewee : Vanessa Pasquon 

Vanessa Pasquon is responsible for communication at Discac.

Company presentation : Discac

Since 1990, Discac is a company that manufactures kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Our factory is based in Izon, Gironde and employs about 200 people. We sell our products exclusively to professionals in the kitchen, furnishing and sanitary sector.

What were your objectives with this solution?

With this solution, we had two objectives:

  • Give access to our booth to customers who could not come to our booth
  • Bring more details with photo and video zooming

Solutions and feedback: Discac's testimony on the Virtual Showroom solution

What facilities/difficulties did you encounter in setting up?

It is necessary to prepare the capture of the stand and to know what you want to put forward. Chis preparation is done beforehand.

And downstream, we must work on the stand to add all the possible added values: interaction points, object (like a television) etc...

What advantages do you get from this solution? What benefits did you perceive? Have you had any feedback on this usage (client/platform side)

The advantages are numerous: our sales representatives can show our customers a particular product in operation at any time. Also, our customers have access to our stand, via our website, and can also discover functionalities or furniture that they did not know. 

To date and after one year of operation, we have had more than 4,700 connections: an unexpected success for us!

Why choose Retail VR : Discac's testimony on the Virtual Showroom solution

Why did you choose Retail VR? 

The choice of Retail VR came to us thanks to the recommendations of the organizers of the EspritMeuble trade show. We were trained and accompanied by Retail VR to optimize our solution. The explanatory video organized by Matthieu Muratet (Customer Sucess Manager at Retail VR) is essential to understand the full potential of the platform. 

Throughout the creation of the project, he is always present to help us if needed. 

What next for this project?

We repeated with the capture of our booth in 2022 which will be visible on our site from January 2023. We hope to do even better than last year !

About Retail VR

Retail VR, founded in April 2018, develops a 3D collaborative platform that creates virtual retail locations and showrooms, accessible to all sales, marketing and merchandising teams. It facilitates the uses of virtual and augmented reality for retailers and brands. Based in Nantes, the company employs 20 people, Web and 3D engineers, graphic designers and sales people to support more than fifty customers in France and abroad.

To learn more about our solutions or how to apply them to your project, let's talk!