H2O testimonial for the virtual showroom solution

H2O showroom
Antoine Charneau - 10/01/2022

How can we adapt our showroom for a digital event?

H2O testimonial for the virtual showroom solution: Benchmarks: H2O at Homeis a direct sales company created in 1998 with an ECOLOGICAL, ECONOMICAL and ERGONOMICAL approach. We sell 3 types of products:
  • Ecocert certified concentrated ecological home care products,
  • Perfume essence. 100% natural synergies,
  • Microfibre bath linen & 100% natural cosmetics certified Cosmébio.
With almost 6,000 consultants in the field, we are now present throughout France and Belgium, and also in the US, with more than 1,000 consultants. We are based in Hallennes-Lez-Haubourdin in the North of France.                         Interview with Elise Danckaert Event Project Manager  

The problem: H2O testimonial for the virtual showroom solution:

Every year, we invite our sales consultants to a kick-off event for the new H2O AT HOME collection. During this event, participants can discover the new products in a showroom that has been completely built for the occasion. This year, due to the health crisis, we were unable to hold our event in person, so our problem was how to adapt our showroom for a digital event?  

The context & challenges of H2O's testimony for the virtual showroom solution

Our goal :

To introduce the products of the new 2021-2022 collection to all participants of our digital event in a fun way.

H2O showroom

The Retail VR solution for H2O: The virtual showroom

  • What has Retail VR done for you? 
We have retained the virtual showroom solution because our aim was to showcase our new 2021-2022 collection but from a distance. The 360° showroom technology allows us to recreate an environment from an existing showroom. This allowed us to show our new collection to our consultants, even though they were spread out over a large area.

The advantages of the virtual showroom 

  • The advisor can see the product from every angle.
  • Allow more advisors to discover the showroom
  • Offer a fun virtual experience.
  • Advisors can log on anywhere in France and discover the new collection.

H2O testimonial for the virtual showroom solution: The perceived benefits

What benefits did you perceive? Have you had any feedback on this usage? (client/platform side). 
  • Accessibility: our virtual event reached more people (about 5000 people vs 1000 in person).
  • The 360° showroom is a good substitute for the in-person showroom.

Testimony of H20 for the virtual showroom solution: phy did you choose Retail VR?

We chose Retail VR because of the quality of their solution. They were able to react quickly and adapt to our needs and expectations. _____________________________________________________________________________________ This testimonial from H2o Are you interested in the virtual showroom solution and would you like to know more? To discuss your needswe invite you to contact us. #govirtual