Installux testifies on the virtual showroom solution

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Antoine Charneau - 21/03/2022

The context and the challenges: Installux's testimony on the solution virtual showroom

Company presentation : Installux

Installux will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. It is a family company whose core business is aluminium. Designer, integrator and distributor of aluminium systems for the manufacture of joinery, verandas, pergolas, gates, etc... at the service of aluminium carpenters. 

What was your problem? 

We had to make the showroom a key decision factor and make it accessible even from a distance. We also needed a digital presence for our customer partners, as the health situation had prevented them from travelling. In addition, the purchasing process has evolved and is now digital.

What were your objectives?

First of all, it was a question of highlighting the trade and aluminium manufacturing. Secondly, to to enhance the value and profitability of the showroom of our customer partners. We had to find a way to capitalise on the showroom and position our partners upstream of the purchasing process. All of this made it possible to qualify contacts and offer more opportunities to our manufacturing partners.

installux virtual showroom, virtual showroom solution

Solution and feedback: Installux testifies on the virtual showroomsolution

How did the virtual showroom solution meet your initial problem?

We were looking for a digitalized and personalized showroom solution. The stakes were high as we had more than 30 showrooms to digitalise. We had to ensure that the showroom presentation was consistent, while retaining the personality of each one.

What benefits did you perceive? 

We don't have enough experience yet. For the moment we have a good perception of the quality of the results. There is a real fluidity of navigation. From now on, we have an opportunity to enhance each showroom in an original way, and tofeed digital and even printmedia through QR codes. All in all, it offers a wide range of possible uses.

virtual showroom Installux, virtual showroom solution

Why did you choose Retail VR?

We chose Retail VR for several reasons. First of all, for the solution and the support that adapts to our needs. Also, a team that is available and ready to listen to us in order to make the functionalities evolve. But also, a platform that allows us to centralise all the showroomswith ease of implementation.

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