Testimonial: WD-40 Company and Instore Activation

Lise KELLER - 15/03/2020

Improving your business proposition with the Instore Activation application

WD-40 is a global company, present in 176 countries and on all continents. In fact, the company is a specialist in multifunctional cleaning products for workshops, factories and homes. Among the 40 French employees, Damien TILLET is Marketing Director. He talks about his collaboration with the Retail VR team and his use of theapplication Instore Activation.

The context & the issues

We were in the middle of an exploration phase and were looking for practical tools to help our sales force. We were looking for Merchandising solutions capable of enhancing our sales pitch, d'improve the coherence of our commercial offer and strengthen our brand image with our partners and distributors.

The Retail VR solution: Instore Activation

With the Instore Activation application, we are able to :


Quickly project our furniture at our customer's premises

With the help of augmented reality, our Category Managers can test future merchandising concepts in the partners' environment.

Improve and secure merchandising operations

With 3D, we unify our message for point-of-sale activation. Unlike brochures, we ensure easy and collaborative consideration of space, true scale and footprint.

Facilitating the work of our sales staff

In addition, by having access to a single, real-time synchronised platform, our sales force can quickly test all new furniture.

The perceived benefits


A personalised approach with our clients

In their own space, our partners take ownership of future concepts or new furniture proposals. It is also a reassurance argument that improves our commercial relations.

Saving time and money

This modern and fast tool supports the needs of our business processes. For example, order taking is made easier thanks to the reliability and efficiency of this application: we discuss the positioning of the furniture with the customer, we project it in the shop environment and we save the negotiated location in photos!

The benefits of Instore Activation

  • Ease of handling and use.
  • The productivity generated by the Retail VR platform.
  • The modernity and efficiency of the tool.
  • The realistic setting thanks to 3D.
  • The collaborative approach between the Category Manager.
  • The enhancement of our brand image.

Why did you choose Retail VR?

The Retail VR teams are available and dedicated to the success of our projects. Thus, we are sure to have our furniture and associated visuals at our customers' premises. Originally, this system was designed for our teams in France... It has now become a structuring tool for our entire European sales force!
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