Testimony: LACTALIS BEURRES ET CRÈMES and the virtual showroom solution

Lactalis showroom
Astrid Baron - 25/11/2020

How can you stand out from the competition on the resale of category activation / Merchandising in central offices and in shops?

References: LACTALIS BEURRES ET CREMES is a division of the LACTALIS GROUP. No. 1 in small-scale creamery (fresh milk, fresh creams and UHT, culinary aids (sweet and savoury), butters and margarines), LACTALIS BEURRES ET CREMES operates in these markets with strong brands such as PRESIDENT, BRIDELICE, PRIMEVERE, LACTEL, BRIDEL, LE MARIN, BOCAGE and BRIDELIGHT and fights to promote "eating well" in the French way through our culinary heritage, of which butter and cream are the major emblems and are at the heart of all French cuisine! Testimonial: Lactalis and the virtual showroom solution                         Interview with Rodrigue FRANCOIS Merchandising & Drive Manager        

The context & the issues

Our goal was to replicate our new merchandising concept and to promote the the various digital solutions integrated into it. integrated into it. Our challenges: to immerse our contacts in shops and central offices about the reality of what we offer through an innovative solution and solution.

Lactalis the little creamery

The Retail VR solution: The virtual showroom

We have chosen the virtual showroom because our aim was to break the codes both in our way of doing things as well as in our and in the way we resell.

The VR showroom technology, which allows us to recreate a 3D environment from photos of the new concept, enabled us to get as close to reality as possible. closer to the reality of what we offer.


The perceived benefits Functionality of the showroomIn-house :

Pride and enthusiasm: to be able to offer a new concept innovative. Successfully standing out at the plant level: through a innovative tools.


Immersive rendering :  Gives the impression of being directly at the heart of the shelf. Facilitates the adhesion of partner clients to our new approach: "We have succeeded in a single appointment à to complete all our agreements. "

The advantages of the virtual showroom

  • The modernity and efficiency of the tool
  • Its ease of use
  • Productivity generated by time saved during appointments
  • Branding

Why did you choose Retail VR?

Read the full interview below:   
  Retail VR is also proud to have accompanied LACTALIS BEURRES ET CREMES in their new Merchandising approach "A T@BLE!", which has just received the SIRIUS 2020 customer experienceawarded by theInstitute of Commerce. More information in the video below or on the website.  
This testimony from LACTALIS BUTTERS AND CREAMS on the Virtual showroom you are interested in and would like to know more on the solution? To discuss your needs, we invite you to contact us via our contact form.

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