Interview Tencent Cloud by Retail VR

Astrid Baron - 23/08/2021

Intro of Tencent Cloud Why choose Tencent Cloud to expand your growth in China?

Interview Tencent by Retail VR  : Tencent Cloud is a leading global cloud provider that is uniquely positioned to help global enterprises succeed in China and help Chinese enterprises go global. With extensive in-region presence, globally based engagement teams, and exclusive native cloud solutions, Tencent Cloud offers the perfect blend of local operations. With international fluency to guide foreign companies through the challenges of expanding into China.

Businesses need to be agile to adapt quickly to new market trends while at the same time delivering resilient and scalable services. Tencent Cloud offers all tools and solutions for the Internet 4.0 that Cloud-Native application developers need. By utilizing advanced services in data management, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, customers can stay ahead of the competition and offer new, value-added services and user-experiences to their customers.

What is the perspective of e-commerce in China?

More content is introduced into e-commerce platforms to get customers through multiple channels:

– Social network e-commerce, group purchasing e-commerce, live streaming e-commerce…

The secret weapon of Chinese social based e-commerce :

Almost all Chinese e-commerce platforms are evolving towards rich content format together with social media features. E-Commerce Platform builds up its own social networking environment where the consumers can share their own shopping experience.

For example, Buyer Shows, one of the popular ways for trust building with consumers. Chinese consumers are willing to follow the buyer and make purchases via the show. They can communicate with other customers to create the social buzz.

Live broadcasting and e-commerce on WeChat mini programs are well-developed in the China market as well. The sellers give products introduction through live broadcasting to build trust easily with consumers. That enables the consumers to buy products directly during broadcasting.

China, is the most important growth market for many international consumer and luxury brands. It’s quickly adapting to the new situation and the ever-changing consumer preferences.

The strong competition on the Chinese market requires retailers and brands to find new ways of communicating with their target audience. (Online and offline.) The incorporation of smart retail solutions enables them to build personalized shopping experiences, cater towards the individual needs of their customers, and to connect with them in many meaningful ways.

Next Generation Smart Retail Stores                  

Intelligent in-store systems that integrate customer databases are considerably changing the shopping experiences offered by retail stores in China. These advanced platforms enable in-store employees to leverage shopper preferences to offer tailored product recommendations. This is based on customer data- base information.

Tencent cloud

Interview Tencent Cloud by Retail VR  : What are the solutions provided by Tencent Cloud for the e-commerce industry?

Tencent Cloud provides one-stop storage management solutions with high-quality network. A minute-level resource delivery, and multi-product matrix for your business deployment. Combined with big data, Tencent Cloud Object Storage (COS) enables customers to build an architecture where storage and computing are separated. (Which will reduce cost and increase efficiency.) Live Video of Tencent Cloud Broadcasting includes services such as video on-demand, live broadcasting, instant IM, playback, etc. Enabling customers to build a highly reliable live e-commerce business. It speeds up the site response and loading of complex contents, thus enhancing user experience.

Tencent Cloud Smart Retail systems, including facial recognition, QR codes, and RFID chips, are becoming a standard within the Chinese retail market. Not only do these systems enable unmanned retail stores, but they are also connecting the online and offline sales and communication channels. This increases efficiency in supply chain and warehouse management. Utilizing these solutions are creating unique and more custom experiences for customers.             

Tencent Cloud’s smart recommendations ecommerce solution lets you provide accurate, personalized recommendations based on user information and instore data. Leverage facial recognition to analyze in-store traffic, customizing product displays, allow mobile payment, and much more.            

Technologies that enables a new experience            

Tencent Cloud owns and operates an expanding global infrastructure with currently 27 regions and 67 AZ available to international customers. In addition, Tencent Cloud offers retail focused solutions. This includes E-commerce business security solutions such as Financial risk control, anti-fraud, and anti-phishing to enable secure business operations.

Data-driven Decision-making        

To enable data-driven business decisions, Tencent Cloud provides platforms to establish a data-based operational system, ensures data security, and offers tools to assemble insights and analysis reports.


What is WeChat and Mini-Programs?

As a free chat app that offers free video and voice calls, images, games, text messages… to help stay connected with people who matter most. With more than 1.2 billion monthly active users, WeChat/Weixin  is one of the most popular social messaging apps in the world. (Especially in China.)

By integrating into China’s leading digital ecosystem to reach 98% of China’s online population, WeChat mini-programs are the best way for brands to reach their customers.  They provide convenient e-commerce solutions, access from On and Offline via QR code scanning and sharing, and services such as WeChat Pay and user authentication.

The incorporation of WeChat mini programs enables retailers to build a seamless connection of online and offline shopping experiences. This allows customers to make reservations for personalized shopping guides or stylists, personalizing store visits by allowing them to play their favorite music in dressing rooms or personalizing their products.

In addition to offering personalized services, granting customers access to exclusive content and services such as Live-Broadcasting of branded events and creating shareable content will allow brands to generate new revenue streams via live shopping events and social commerce.

Why collaboration between Tencent Cloud and Retail VR?

Retail VR is helping brands and retailers to transform their business into digital convergence, via new and effective buying experiences. By offering smart solutions such as Instore Activation, Retail Staging and Virtual Showroom. Retail VR eases the conversion of digital assets into 3D assets for virtual and augmented reality applications.

With the collaboration of both our companies, we can provide accurate solutions to retailers and technology partners. Enable smart retail through advanced cloud technology, on every platform of their choice: WeChat Mini-Program, website, mobile. 

Intelligent systems are now making waves in the retail sector. By leveraging Tencent Cloud’s resources, the advanced solutions provided by Retail VR are creating unique and more custom experiences for customers. This helps to differentiate brands from the competition while increasing efficiency. 

Meanwhile, in order to support overall retail strategy, the brands need an innovative partner like Tencent Cloud. We are specializing in cost- efficient, highly available and easy-to-deploy. Cloud environments will ensure that they have all the tools and resources needed to leverage emerging smart retail solutions.