Retail Staging

Visual merchandising in 3D : planograms on overdrive.

With a 3D camera, our team scan your 2000 square meter store, create a photorealistic 3D model and planogram in hours. Import and convert 2D merchandising plans automatically. Simulate your POS and promotional furniture projects over and over again. No more expensive models or showrooms serving only once a year!

Store planning reaches new heights

A realistic configuration tool to define your strategy

Retail Staging is a 3D store configurator based on reality capture technology, to virtualize and design stores. Transform a physical store into a virtual one and perform all planogram related tests.


Testing used to be impossible without physical stores. It was very restrictive and costly, required prototypes. And could only approximate a strategy’s true effect. With Retail Staging, scan a real store with a 3D camera. For a photorealistic, fully interactive 3D model compatible with your existing data. Competing solutions force you to model the whole store. Which can takes months, at considerable costs. Retail VR does it in hours, with very little human intervention. Gathering data and planning has never been easier. And more accessible.

Turn virtual stores into ecosystems

A collaboration platform between big-box retailers and brands. To create tomorrow's stores.

Retail Staging can be used by brands and retailers alike. Interactive, real time cooperation becomes a reality. Retailers conceptualize stores, brands build customer experiences around categories. Now those objectives meet in a single solution uniting major retail players.

To increase consumer performance. And isle impact, in ways never thought of. This can be done effortlessly with our object library. Connect your virtual store and Retail VR Platform recognizes POS, isles, etc.

We help them plan to meet their challenges