Retail VR Platform

Manage applications and deploy campaigns from a centralized infrastructure.

Push campaigns in one click. Promotional and POS content modeled at headquarters is seamlessly transmitted to all sales teams, or user groups according to assignments or regions. Gather analytics and generate reports on the fly.

Pilot all campaigns and teams from one interface

Rapid deployment and user control, report generation

Applications are automatically updated and maintained. Switch from one application to another using the same elements.


Our reporting tool consolidates and centralizes analytics for monitoring and business analysis, and creates indicators to fine tune your strategy and increase your sales.


Negotiate upstream with retailers, create and revoke users in a flash. Define campaign start and end dates, push content to sales teams. No configurations necessary on their end.

Connect dedicated software and platforms on demand

We integrate existing infrastructure or create turnkey systems tailored to your activity

They will be included to Retail VR Platform directly, or via private APIs.


All your applications will work on a shared database and user management, ensuring continuous usage.