We offer business applications developped with the lattest technologies in 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality. These applications are centralised in our platform the RVR Hub.

1. RVR HUB: Automatic 3D object creator and repository for all your retail content.

Pedestal of our applications and 3D convertor, RVR hub offers an access to :

  • A data storage space for all your assets.

  • RVR 3D convertor to generate objects and 3D environements.

  • Acces to the tracking of 3D experiences.

  • The management and broacasting of your application for all clients and users.

  • The customisation of your 3D experiences.

2. RVR Apps : Expériences 3D.

From RVR Hub, your single entry point we generate various immersives and customisable experience:

  • 3D converter helps transforming 2D products or furniture into 3D models optimised for VR & AR applications.

  • RVR commerce, to offer your clients to live an immersive and intuitive shopping experience.

  • Shopper activation, based on augmented reality inserts virtual objects into a real environement, helping your clients to visualise your products into a usage context.

  • Product configurator, based on 3D technology helps configurating objects or environements thanks to the lattest intuitive and realistic 3D technologies.

3. Technologies and technical skills.

RVR has a strong experience in retail and 3D technologies.
We design virtual and immersive environement that helps building new online shopping experiences, test new concept stores, or personalised pruchased products.
These experiences are available on multiple supports such as mobiles, tablets, PC, or virtual headsets.

We developp our solution based on the lattest 3D and realtime technologies.
ARCore, ARkit, Vuforia, Windows Mixed Reality, SteamVR, Eye Tracking, Unity3D.

We enhance our virtual experiences on all type of support:

  • Web.

  • Virtual Reality : cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality.

  • Augmented Reality : Smartphone, tablets, AR glasses such as Hololens.

4. Our 3D experiences are designed to augment your retail process with and additional dimension.

  • Applications are centralised in a platform dedicated to retail business.

  • Content production are industrialised thanks to our 2D/3D converter.

  • A fluid user experience.

  • We track each single detail of the shopper's experience on both VR and AR. such as : most selected, most seen, most chosen articles of the shopper's journey.

  • Our solution can be integrated into your existing software application (ERP, CRM) website, and compatible with retail business applications such as JDA.

  • We use "machine learning" to optimise user experiences.

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