Testimony of WD40 and the E-commerce Pack

WD40 pack
Astrid Baron - 23/07/2021

How to bring to the consumers, on the e-commerce sites of our retailers, a complete and realistic vision of our products beyond a simple photo? 

Benchmarks : Considered by many to be the number one cleaning solution, WD-40 was invented 60 years ago by three employees of the Rocket Chemical Company. Today, WD40 is a global company operating in 176 countries on every continent. Specialized in multifunctional maintenance products for workshops, factories and homes, it now has no less than 40 employees in France. Testimony of WD40 and the Pack E-commerce.



Interview with Charlène Devillard
Digital Marketing Manager France & Africa
In charge of the online presence of our WD-40® and 3-EN-UN® brands (brand sites, social networks, etc.), especially in eCommerce.




The company’s problematic : 

In order to have complete and detailed product pages on our online retailers’ websites. We create “Media Packs” for our WD-40® and 3-EN-UN® brands. These media packs consist of key visuals that inform consumers about the characteristics of our products and their uses (product photos, usage photos, ambient photos, pictograms & characteristics, etc.). In order to complete these media packs, we wanted to have 3D 360° visuals of our products so that consumers have a complete and realistic vision of the product, beyond a simple “packshot” photo of the front

The context & the stakes of the WD40 Testimony and the E-commerce Pack

Our goal : was to have 3D 360° visuals of our WD-40 and 3-EN-UN products. (25 references)

Our challenges : Improve our product pages through rich and detailed media content in order to better educate consumers on the uses of our products and thus obtain a better conversion into sales.

Pack WD40 e commerce WD40 pack e commerce

The Retail VR solution for WD40 : the e-commerce pack e 

  • What has Retail VR done for you? 

We chose the solution of the e-commerce pack which allows to create 3D visuals in 360° under GIF and MP4 format as well as visuals of back and front of the products.

  • What does 3D bring to the e-commerce experience?

The 3D experience in e-commerce is the closest thing to the in-store customer experience. If the consumer cannot handle the product, he can see it in 360° on the product page.


The advantages of the e-commerce pack 

  • The consumer can see the product from every angle.
  • Better vision of the product.
  • Avoids disappointment with a product upon receipt.
  • A better presentation of the products.
  • A possibility to include this pack on all e-commerce sites.

Testimony of WD40 and the E-commerce Pack: why did you choose Retail VR ?

We already work with Retail VR on other solutions (In Store Activation, Virtual Showroom). It is therefore quite natural that we turned to them for this need.

The team already knows our brands, which facilitates our exchanges. Moreover, we have always been satisfied with the quality of their services (ease and speed of execution).

Bonus : a great team to work with!


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