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3D merchandising

Instore Activation

Show trade marketing and merchandising as they would look in store, with augmented reality

With a phone or tablet, generate in context, realistic visualization of all your merchandising proposals.

Clients get a precise, customizable view of your operations in stores. What you see is what you get. No more misunderstandings and approximations.
Negotiate placement and box types directly from the app, to perfectly fit objectives. Forget PDF and paper catalogs.
Boost sales conversion with ultra-realistic, up-to-date pictures. Less time on site, more room for new business.

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3D design store

Retail Staging

Visual merchandising in 3D : planograms on overdrive.

Scan a 2000 sq. m store, create a photorealistic 3D model and planogram in hours. Import and convert 2D merchandising plans automatically.

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3D store experience


We turn stores into amazing shopping experiences

While consumers like e-commerce and store visits for recurring purchases where speed is preferred, they fancy 3D for the discovery, knowledge and experience. With out immersive and cross-platform customer experience, bring customer an emotional and immersive shopping environment.

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Manage Retail VR applications and deploy campaigns from a centralized infrastructure.

Push campaigns in one click. Promotional and POS content modeled at headquarters is seamlessly transmitted to all sales teams, or user groups according to assignments or regions. Gather analytics and generate reports on the fly.

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Marc Giget, CEO

We help them change retail

In just two short years, we have been blessed with amazing clients. Together, we work hard to build the future of retail.