Instore Activation

Show trade marketing and merchandising as they would look in store, with augmented reality

With a phone or tablet, generate in context, realistic visualization of all your merchandising proposals. Thanks to augmented reality, clients get a precise, customizable view of your operations in stores. What you see is what you get. No more misunderstandings and approximations. Negotiate placement and box types directly from the app, to perfectly fit objectives. Forget PDF and paper catalogs. Boost sales conversion with ultra-realistic, up-to-date pictures. Less time on site, more room for new business.

Boost productivity, sales and client retention

Increase sales turnover by 12.5% with our gorgeous and realistic configuration tool

Clear communication and a customized, tailored approach turn prospects into sales. With Instore Activation, show clients a campaign they can relate to, that easily and seamlessly allows more complex actions like cross-marketing. Change elements size, type and locations in seconds to boost engagement, from aisle end-caps to shelves, poles and walls. New isle layouts come to life in one tap, with augmented reality. Promotional actions are pushed directly from a centralized platform, allowing sales teams to reflect corporate strategy in real time.

With competing solutions, salespeople meet clients in stores, then get back to the office to draft a PowerPoint presentation. Augmented reality allow you to do this live, on site, including ordering elements. With Instore Activation, our users save around 5 hours a week. That’s almost a day!

Optimal execution of trade marketing campaigns

More efficient, more digital, more engaging for your clients

Thanks to augmented reality, our solutions demonstrate precise placement of your promotional merchandise, directly at point of sale. All signs, signage and banners are stored within our platform. The sales team simply has to scan the floor with a mobile device, select the desired element and choose the best location.

The effect is immediate. The client sees the precise size and location of POS elements. This simulates shopping experience before launching marketing campaigns. And makes the whole process more pleasant, easier to sell and a lot more efficient.

We help them boost their trade marketing sales