Retail Staging

Test your new 3D planogram layouts at will

Our team is able to scan your store in a few hours and deliver your virtualized shop to you. In this new environment, you will be able to test your future concepts and simulate your new layouts as you wish.

The features of Retail Staging

Until now, testing a new store layout has been an expensive exercise. With Retail Staging, you have access to the digital twin of the realistic and fully interactive 3D shop!

Access your digital shop in 3D

Test a new shelf layout

Propose a new POS

Define your layout and implementation strategy

Simply configure your sales area with Retail Staging.


With 3D technologies, your planogram will no longer be just a static view of your shelf or your gondola head. With a computer or a virtual reality headset, you can add your 3D objects as you wish and test new concepts at will.

Thanks to our platform, you will benefit from an automatic conversion of your 2D planograms (in .psa format) into 3D. Your converted files can simply be added to your library and shared with all your colleagues.

Turn your virtual shops into a collaboration tool

Brands and retailers: work together to create the shops of tomorrow with Retail Staging.

The use of the Retail Staging application has been designed for both brands and distributors. This totally collaborative solution enables retail players to define together the merchandising concepts of tomorrow: at the same time, retailers conceptualise their points of sale and brands propose the categories associated with the departments.

To set up a shelf or propose a new POS system, all you have to do is access our SAAS platform directly, choose the 3D objects you want to test from your library andconfigure your proposal. If you only have 2D objects, our platform will allow you to convert them automatically! 

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