WD-40 Company’s testimonial

Lise KELLER - 26/03/2020

Customize the sales approach to turn leads into sales

WD-40 is a global company, which operates in 176 countries and on all continents. It is specialized in polyvalent maintenance products for workshops, factories and homes. Also, the French team has 40 employees. Damien TILLET, Marketing Director France, testifies of his collaboration with Retail VR with the solution Instore Activation.

Context & Challenges

We wanted a convenient tool to help our sales force, particularly with merchandising efforts. We needed a solution to improve our sales pitch, enhance the consistency of our commercial offer, as well as strengthen our brand identity with our partners and distributors.

Retail VR solution

By using the Instore Activation application, we have the power to:

Generate realistic visualization of merchandising elements in context

Thanks to augmented reality, our Category Managers can test future Merchandising concepts in the partners’ environment.

Improve and secure Merchandising operations

Thanks to 3D, we harmonize our marketing efforts to activate points of sale. Unlike brochures, we guarantee an easy and collaborative understanding of space, real scale and dimensions.

Facilitate the work of our sales representatives

By having access to a unique and real-time synchronized platform, our dedicated team is also equipped to quickly test all new equipment or POS elements.


Personalized attention for our clients

Our partners are able to adopt future concepts and new design proposals within their own InStore environments. Furthermore, this is a strong reassurance argument that improves our business relations.

Time and financial savings

This modern and swift tool supports the needs of our business processes. In addition, ordering is facilitated thanks to the reliability and efficiency application. Thus, we exchange with our clients on the POS positioning, we project it in the store environment and we keep a photo of the negotiated location!

Instore Activation Advantages

  • The ease of use and convenience.
  • The modernity and efficiency of the tool.
  • The productivity generated by the Retail VR platform.
  • The realistic simulation thanks to 3D.
  • The collaborative approach between the Category Manager and the client.
  • The enhancement of our brand identity.

Why did we choose Retail VR?

Firstly, the Retail VR teams are available and dedicated to the success of our initiatives. Since the project’s launch, we have been able to ensure that our merchandising elements and associated 3D visuals are available for all our customers. Originally, Retail VR designed this tool for our teams in France… Finally, it has become a fundamental tool for our entire European sales force!

You would like also to learn more and discuss your business needs with our team? We invite you to contact us!